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Susan Cochrane is among the first to be recognized as a specialist in treating stuttering.   She is now a Board Certified Specialist in Fluency (Stuttering).  Ms. Cochrane has a Master's Degree and is licensed in Speech and Language Pathology. 


What can Susan Cochrane and Freedom to Speak do for you?

Ms. Cochrane has spent a career helping those who stutter and their families overcome, manage and move forward to communicate with ease.  Ms. Cochrane treats people of all ages who stutter. Peruse the website for more information!

Intensive Programs

SCHOLARSHIPS are available for ALL people seeking relief from STUTTERING!

 Applications are NOW being accepted for the 2015 Intensive Treatment Program. Treatment begins immediately upon enrolling in the summer program. 

Contact information:
Phone: 585-329-0616
Address: 8619 North Shore Drive
Honeoye, NY 14471

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What are people saying about Susan and her programs?

  • We're on vacation in TN and I wanted to write you a note and let you know how wonderful Juan is doing. He has been using his tools magnificently with the relatives we have been visiting. They specifically commented to him, unprompted, about how much more he has been talking and how well he has been communicating. He was beaming :). Parent of 15 year-old boy
  • Craig is using what he learned. He’s slowly realizing that so much of what he learned is applicable in other areas of his life. Thanks again for everything. Parent of 16-year-old boy
  • Andrea is doing so wonderfully.  She has continued with the same amazing improvement we saw upon exiting the program.  Her stuttering is so improved from before the program I find it miraculous.  We are so happy and grateful for this gift.  Parent of 16-year-old girl.
  • I attended Susan Cochrane's 3-week intensive treatment program in 2012.  I live in California.  It was absolutely necessary that I follow-up with Susan over the following year.  Telepractice allowed this to happen for me.  We met consistently over connected internet opportunities which kept me moving forward and now I am managing my fluency needs independently.  Together with the intensive, it was a successful program for me. Thanks so much Susan.
  • Jordan's progress with Susan has been nothing short of amazing.  Jordan's stuttering has been, at times, very severe.  As a result of her therapy, Jordan is much more fluent and so much more confident as a person.  I know that while the tangible progress is important, the impact that she has had on his self-esteem cannot be under-estimated.  Parent of Jordan; 15 years.
  • Susan is clearly an expert on disfluency and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering her services.  Parent of Jordan; 15 years.
  • Having worked with several other speech therapists, we immediately notice that Susan's relationship with our boys and our family would be different; she demonstrating an immense caring for our children, not just for their speech.  She embraced a total care approach, incorporating my wife and I, and our other children, into the therapy sessions, which took place -by and large-in our home.

Treatment for stuttering comes in different forms.    Click here to learn more.


Scholarship is now available for both traditional and intensive programs.  Talk to Susan Cochrane to see if you qualify.  Read about it under What's New!