What is Stuttering?                          IMG_0220.JPG

Stuttering is a disorder of communication characterized by disruptions of forward-flowing speech and language.   The amount and type of disruptions vary among and within individuals.  Stuttering is caused by multiple factors including; neurological differences, environmental aggregates, and other developmental variables.  Stuttering has genetic links.  More than 60% of individuals who stutter are able to identify someone in their family who stutters or has stuttered in the past.  Stuttering impacts each person and each family differently.  Treatment for stuttering at an early age may reverse the disorder entirely.  People of all ages are able to improve with specialized treatment. 

What is Cluttering?

Cluttering is similar to stuttering, but different.  Cluttering is characterized by abnormally high rates of speech and irregular rhythm.  Presented, are "typical types" of interruptions such as; word repetitions, phrase repetitions, interjections and hesitations.  Cluttering is often labeled a language disorder because, those who do it may leave out parts of words or say only parts of sentences which may be disordered with regard to syntax, grammar and semantics.  This often leaves speech unintelligible and confusing.  Other learning problems often accompany cluttering.  Stuttering and Cluttering may exist simultaneously. 

People Who Stutter/Clutter:

  •  Are as intelligent as other people
  • Are as mentally stable as others
  • Do not want to stutter
  • Are of various cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • Were born with the predisposition to do so

What is Freedom to Speak?

Freedom to Speak is a specialized speech therapy practice, designed specifically for people with disorders of fluency; most commonly,  stuttering and cluttering.

Treatment Philosophy

Stuttering is a complex, multidimensional problem.  Because of this and the breadth of stuttering symptoms, it requires an individualized treatment plan that is tailored to the needs of the client. Many professionals have different treatment philosophies. Ms. Cochrane incorporates the most effective aspects of these different approaches and develops a plan specifically for you.  Ms. Cochrane understands it is possible for anyone to make positive changes in speech production, thoughts and attitudes, thus improving quality of life. 

The Freedom to Speak office is located in New York State in the town of Honeoye, 30 miles south of Rochester in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Freedom to Speak South is located in sunny Cape Coral, Florida.