What's New Matthew Mitchell Scholarship Fund

Freedom to Speak is growing and changing!  

 Two big announcements:           2013-04-09_12.46.21.jpg

1. Freedom to Speak has added a second location at Freedom to Speak South; Cape Coral, Florida.  Cape Coral is located in the sunny, southwest coast of Florida, conveniently nestled between Naples and Sarasota.  Freedom to Speak South can be found at 4115 Oasis Blvd. Cool

 2. Telecommunications therapy is becoming ever popular and with documented success!  With as few as 200 Board Certified Specialists in the Country, conducting treatment over telecommunications is preferred and many times necessary. Freedom to Speak uses telecommunications successfully to treat people of all ages who stutter.  Preschoolers of course, sit with a parent, while older children and adults gain a sense of control and independence working with Ms. Cochrane over the internet. Below you see Mother and Son, with the computer in front of them,  being coached by Ms. Cochrane. At the top of the page, you see Ms. Cochrane meeting with a client who typically receives therapy from 1500 miles away over Facetime.