Available Services

First and foremost, Freedom to Speak strives to offer state of the art treatment for all people who seek relief from stuttering.  The following treatment programs are currently available:

1. Preschool treatment is offered for families and their children, ages 2-6 years. This treatment happens most often within the child’s natural environment; their home and preschool programs.

2. Treatment for school-age children between the ages of 6-11 years is available in two formats; one where therapy usually occurs two-times a week for approximately one-hour sessions. Within this program, children are exposed to individual and group treatment. 

3. Adolescent and Adult treatment is meant for ages 12 years and up.  Clients may choose between a three-week-intensive program, or one that occurs two-times weekly, as in the above description.  Dates of service for intensive programs change yearly.

4. Within the past few years, telepractice; using telecommunications for the purpose of conducting speech therapy, has become increasingly popular.  Although not recommended exclusively, telepractice has proven successful for many clients who have come to Freedom to Speak for help.  Telepractice is especially useful for clients living several hours away or in many cases, out of state.

Service Delivery Models

In order to meet the needs of all people who seek treatment, two service delivery models are offered.

One model delivers services, mostly on an individual basis twice weekly for one hour.  This program lasts until the goals set by all parties involved are met. 

The second service delivery model offers treatment on a more “intensive” daily, weekly schedule, and is shorter in duration (three weeks, not necessarily consecutive). Individuals bring unique experiences to the group creating a dynamic setting where change occurs naturally while interacting and practicing new speaking and thinking behaviors with others who share a similar problem. Sharing in each other's common struggles creates a support system for each individual in the group.  Individual time is allotted each participant to ensure that unique needs are met.

The intensive programs include the following:

  • Full initial and final evaluations/recommendations
  • Between 75-100 treatment hours individual and group
  • Extended support and ongoing treatment plan established for maintenance and continued growth

Training for Future Specialists

associates.jpgMs. Cochrane is an ASHA Board Certified Mentor in the field of stuttering. One objective of her practice, Freedom to Speak, is to train speech and language pathologists who also desire to specialize in the area of fluency and fluency disorders.  Colleges, universities and individuals may contact Susan to discuss further details.