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The 2017 Intensive Summer Treatment Program will be held on beautiful Honeoye Lake; a tiny Finger Lake in New York State, from July 17- August 4, 2017.  Complete the form below or contact Ms. Cochrane to receive detailed information about the Program focused on helping adolescents and adults who stutter.  Individuals interested in a Florida Program are encouraged to complete the form below or contact Ms. Cochrane.  Call for more information: 585-329-0616
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Stuttering is a complex, multidimensional problem, requiring an individualized treatment plan tailored to the needs of the client. This is in fact the reason the group, intensive program allows just six participants. This number allows for the individualized attention needed, as well as benefiting from a group approach.  Why seek a group therapeutic approach?  People within the group desire similar outcomes and share similar struggles.  These similarities encourage and set the stage for acceptance of one another and of self.  Within the group, members feel at ease, supported by those around them working towards improving communication skills.  At the same time, people within the group vary with regards to outlook, thought processes, background, specific situational experiences, prior attempts to manage speech and speech production itself.  These differences present opportunities for a broad look at what is possible, and how each person may modify that which has not been helpful; choosing a more affective means of communicating.  All people who stutter are able to make positive changes; moving forward with communication and ultimately forming solid relationships, thus improving their quality of life.


At Freedom to Speak, the focus of our Intensive Treatment Program is to aide people who stutter in moving forward with their lives by moving forward with communication.  This is accomplished in various ways, using various methods and treatment approaches.  The stuttering syndrome encompasses three components; affective, behavioral and cognitive.  Each component is addressed to different degrees depending on individual need.  Therapy approaches addressing these needs may include; Avoidance Reduction Treatment, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness Training, Cognitive Restructuring and Integrative Approach.  During the intensive-three week program, participants 1. identify what holds them back from speaking, as well as what moves them forward, 2. problem-solve the best ways to 3. eliminate inefficient, unhelpful behaviors/thoughts and to implement strategies that are successful.  Meet the very successful graduates of the 2015 Program.   What made them successful?   Look at their comments as you peruse this tab.  See more about Susan's approach to treatment under the adolescent and adult treatment tab.  Meet the very successful graduates of the 2015 Intensive Treatment Program.  These four teens share one common bond; the struggle to communicate. Without successful communication, connection with the world becomes impossible.  Working together, sharing a common bond, led these young men to a confidence and determination they had not experienced before. 

Here is "the team" taking an opportunity to apply the strategies and information they have acquired during the day.  IMG_0220.JPG

intensive susan


Contact Susan Cochrane for more information. 

Below, you see Ms. Cochrane aiding her adult client in applying skills acquired earlier to ordering in a restaruant.  Meaningful application of acquired knowledge and skills begins at the very beginning of the Intensive Treatment Program for adults and adolescents who stutter.